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FBI chief says anti-marijuana policy hinders the hiring of cyber experts

            22 May 2014
tag: fbitag: war on drugstag: hiring

Is There Hope for the Survivors of the Drug Wars?

            25 March 2014
tag: war on drugs

Florida Drug Ring Relied on Voodoo Priest for Strategic Advice

            22 March 2014
tag: polk countytag: floridatag: Operation Hoodoo Voodootag: polk citytag: war on drugs

Mexico Cracks Down On Vigilantes

            17 March 2014
tag: mexicotag: vigilantestag: war on drugstag: Michoacan

Informants who helped US catch drug kingpins say rewards have not been paid

            26 February 2014
tag: war on drugstag: fbitag: bounties

Drug smugglers ravage Central American forests in quest for secrecy

            02 February 2014
tag: war on drugstag: smugglingtag: Central Americatag: Ohio State Universitytag: forests

Tiny robots to prowl US-Mexico border’s dark drug tunnels

            20 January 2014
tag: war on drugstag: dronestag: robot roll calltag: bordertag: dea

DEA cuts deal with Sinaloa drug cartel

            15 January 2014
tag: war on drugstag: sinaloatag: mexicotag: dea

Federal judge strikes down Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s welfare drug testing law

            02 January 2014
tag: war on drugstag: floridatag: courts

Mexican bishop takes on cultish cartel in drug war battleground state

            04 December 2013
tag: mexicotag: war on drugstag: Michoacan

Massachusetts state chemist jailed for forging drug evidence

            25 November 2013
tag: Massachusettstag: war on drugstag: lawtag: ACLUtag: labs

Albania has become Europe’s main marijuana supplier

            18 November 2013
tag: albaniatag: war on drugs

Despite Western Efforts, Afghan Opium Crop Hits Record High

            17 November 2013
tag: afghanistantag: opiumtag: war on drugs

How the Oxy Crackdown Is Breeding Heroin Addiction

            15 November 2013
tag: war on drugstag: oxycontintag: herointag: unintended consequences

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