Tumbling Monohedron

Former Royal Marine killed in pickled egg competition

            17 June 2014
tag: uktag: pickled eggstag: Berkeleytag: Glocestershire

Why boarding schools produce bad leaders

            15 June 2014
tag: uktag: education

Woman dials 999 because sprinkles were spread unevenly on her ice cream

            11 June 2014
tag: birminghamtag: uktag: ice cream

Exorcism inquiry sent to council

            10 June 2014
tag: exorcismstag: uktag: wigan

'Terrorist' pheasant farm tormenter 'tamed by love'

            08 June 2014
tag: uktag: Cambridgeshire

UK wants to imprison some hackers for life

            07 June 2014
tag: uktag: hackingtag: prisons

Women Allow 79 Year-Old Man To Be Eaten Alive By Dog

            06 June 2014
tag: dogstag: liverpooltag: uk

Betfair apologises after Oxford Street traffic is held up by octopus on lorry for PR stunt

            05 June 2014
tag: betfairtag: octopitag: uktag: oxford

School fire started by crystal ball

            31 May 2014
tag: firestag: Lancing Preparatory Schooltag: hovetag: uk

British Man Wearing Pig Mask Arrested For Impersonating A Police Officer

            27 May 2014
tag: manchestertag: uktag: pig masks

Spate of Orkney car fires sparked by nesting birds

            24 May 2014
tag: orkneytag: uk

There’s a Tarantula Version of the Westminster Dog Show

            24 May 2014
tag: British Tarantula Societytag: uk

Huge jellyfish spotted in Cornwall’s Helford River

            22 May 2014
tag: jellyfishtag: helford rivertag: cornwalltag: uk

Bees swarm on shop window in London’s Victoria Street

            20 May 2014
tag: covered in BEEStag: londontag: uk

Aliens are targeting Welsh people, claims ‘abduction victim’

            14 May 2014
tag: walestag: uktag: gullibility
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