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Walmart’s Executive Bonuses Cost Taxpayers Millions

            07 June 2014
tag: walmarttag: taxestag: loopholestag: eat the rich

The case for confiscatory taxation

            21 April 2014
tag: taxestag: laffertag: economics

The Trillions of Dollars U.S. Companies Are Hoarding Overseas

            02 April 2014
tag: taxestag: ISI Researchtag: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Study: Red States Take More From The Federal Government Than Blue States

            31 March 2014
tag: Evolution Financetag: irstag: censustag: statestag: taxestag: takerstag: makers

Why are rich people’s houses so big? Because Uncle Sam pays for extra rooms

            29 March 2014
tag: taxestag: housestag: eat the rich

Big business wants to keep these four things secret

            13 December 2013
tag: corporationstag: transparencytag: Financial Accounting Standards Boardtag: Outsourcing Accountability Acttag: earningstag: taxestag: labor

Federal Judge Strips Religious Tax Exemption From Preachers, Declares It Unconstitutional

            25 November 2013
tag: first amendmenttag: taxestag: courtstag: Wisconsintag: ffrf

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