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Is Russian state media relentlessly trolling the US over Ukraine?

            23 April 2014
tag: russiatag: ukrainetag: rt

Under Ottoman Empire treaty with Catherine the Great, if Crimea declares independence it returns to Turkey

            20 March 2014
tag: this solves everythingtag: russiatag: crimeatag: turkeytag: ukrainetag: catherine the great

Super-megalithic Site Found in Russia: Natural or Man-made?

            15 March 2014
tag: megalithstag: russiatag: siberiatag: Gornaya Shoria

Kremlin gets DDoS’d by Anonymous Caucasus

            15 March 2014
tag: ddostag: hackingtag: russiatag: caucasians

Sochi City Hall Orders Killing Of Stray Dogs

            05 February 2014
tag: sochitag: olympicstag: russiatag: dogstag: concession stands

The Sochi Olympics: Putin’s shiny new surveillance state

            27 January 2014
tag: olumpicstag: sochitag: russiatag: putintag: surveillancetag: securitytag: sorm

Russian Spy Nodes Caught Snooping on Facebook Users

            23 January 2014
tag: russiatag: facebooktag: surveillancetag: Tor

Arctic 30 protesters and Pussy Riot members set to walk free

            22 December 2013
tag: Pussy Riottag: Arctic 30tag: russiatag: Greenpeace

73-year-old Russian Olympics torchbearer dies in Siberia after running relay leg

            19 December 2013
tag: olympicstag: russiatag: siberia

In Russia, 30 Squats Will Get You a Train Ticket

            15 November 2013
tag: russiatag: railroadstag: olympics

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