Tumbling Monohedron

Florida Man Burns Down His Apartment to Kill the Bugs

            12 April 2014
tag: orlandotag: floridatag: fires

Florida man mistakenly shoots himself during road rage incident

            24 January 2014
tag: gunstag: floridatag: Orlando

Florida Man Claims Self-Defense After Hopping A Fence To Shoot, Kill 21-Year-Old In A Hoodie

            23 January 2014
tag: gunstag: hoodiestag: floridatag: stand your groundtag: Orlando

Televangelist Paul Crouch finally dies

            05 December 2013
tag: crouchtag: Trinity Broadcasting Networktag: Televangeliststag: Orlando

How one site beat back botnets, spammers, and the “4chan party van”

            23 November 2013
tag: torguardtag: orlandotag: floridatag: harassment

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