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India: Army ‘mistook planets for spy drones’

            12 June 2014
tag: indiatag: dronestag: planets

Indian Court To Rule Whether Frozen Guru Is Dead Or Meditating

            01 June 2014
tag: indiatag: meditationtag: pining for the fjordstag: Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan

The race to the bottom continues as call centers move from India to the Philippines

            08 April 2014
tag: call centerstag: Philippinestag: labortag: india

Dead Indian guru frozen by devotees

            27 March 2014
tag: indiatag: punjabtag: Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan

Exorcism Fair In India

            20 March 2014
tag: indiatag: exorcismstag: Malajpurtag: Madhya Pradesh

Fighting Violence Against Women in India With Heavy Metal

            12 March 2014
tag: indiatag: heavy metaltag: musictag: Mumbaitag: Sceptre

Die-Off of India’s Vulture Population Creates Crisis for Zoroastrian Sky Burials

            09 March 2014
tag: indiatag: vulturestag: zoroastriantag: funerals

Leopard sparks panic in India by wandering into hospital and cinema

            03 March 2014
tag: leopardtag: indiatag: Meerut

Investigation of password crackers busts site feds say hacked 6,000 accounts

            26 January 2014
tag: hackerstag: romaniatag: indiatag: chinatag: los angelestag: california

Indian police arrest man for torturing 11-year-old maid with chili peppers

            15 January 2014
tag: indiatag: chilitag: Thanetag: child abuse

Worried about snooping, India won’t partner with Google for elections

            11 January 2014
tag: googletag: indiatag: elections

Morgan Freeman mistaken for Nelson Mandela in India billboard gaffe

            22 December 2013
tag: Morgan Freemantag: Nelson Mandelatag: india

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