Tumbling Monohedron

The Victorian-era man killed by an automaton

            02 June 2014
tag: automotatag: silesiatag: history

Tracking the real history of corporate rights in American constitutional thought.

            26 March 2014
tag: corporate personhoodtag: corporationstag: hobby lobbytag: historytag: law

100-Year-Old Box Of Negatives Discovered In Antarctica

            31 December 2013
tag: antarcticatag: historytag: Shackletontag: Ross Island

Lawsuit seeks to unlock CIA’s secret history of Bay of Pigs invasion

            14 December 2013
tag: bay of pigstag: cubatag: ciatag: lawsuitstag: foiatag: history

The First Brain Collectors

            29 November 2013
tag: brainstag: surgeonstag: history

13 Toys from the Era of Casual Racism

            12 November 2013
tag: toystag: history

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