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Florida Woman Shoots Herself In The Leg At Marksmanship Competition

            18 June 2014
tag: gunstag: floridatag: Volusia County

Florida cop doesn’t like being filmed, has activist falsely detained for public masturbation

            09 June 2014
tag: floridatag: lakeland

The surprise witness and mysterious map that have roiled Florida’s gerrymandering trial

            01 June 2014
tag: floridatag: gerrymandering

Florida 6-year-old kills grandfather with AK-47 left unattended by boy’s uncle at family picnic

            31 May 2014
tag: gunstag: florida

Coffin full of strange weapons discovered in Florida park

            29 May 2014
tag: floridatag: Volusia County

Florida is being sued for partisan gerrymandering

            28 May 2014
tag: floridatag: gerrymanderingtag: districts

Month-long dispute over kids’ water fight leaves Florida woman shot in both legs

            18 May 2014
tag: gunstag: floridatag: Lake City

Florida man escapes cops’ clutches in stolen car but runs into alligator’s jaws

            17 May 2014
tag: floridatag: alligators

A Drone Almost Crashed Into An U.S. Airliner In March

            11 May 2014
tag: dronestag: air safetytag: Tallahassee Regional Airporttag: florida

Florida cops arrest and jail man for filming his friend’s arrest

            05 May 2014
tag: floridatag: police

Woman’s Apartment Ruined After Neighbor’s Neglected Corpse Explodes

            01 May 2014
tag: floridatag: insurance claimstag: Palm Beach County

Bank robber leaves note with his name

            26 April 2014
tag: pompano beachtag: florida

Supreme Court will not hear FL Gov. Rick Scott’s appeal on drug tests for welfare recipients

            23 April 2014
tag: scotustag: floridatag: drug testing

Florida Man Burns Down His Apartment to Kill the Bugs

            12 April 2014
tag: orlandotag: floridatag: fires

Appeals Court Finds Florida’s 2012 Voter Purge Broke The Law

            05 April 2014
tag: stuff we instinctively knew alreadytag: floridatag: votingtag: courts
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