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Florida Man Burns Down His Apartment to Kill the Bugs

            12 April 2014
tag: orlandotag: floridatag: fires

Appeals Court Finds Florida’s 2012 Voter Purge Broke The Law

            05 April 2014
tag: stuff we instinctively knew alreadytag: floridatag: votingtag: courts

Bill would require Florida craft brewers to sell beer to distributors, then buy it back for resale

            05 April 2014
tag: floridatag: beer

Scientology clergy force a mother to choose: son or daughter

            31 March 2014
tag: scientologytag: Clearwatertag: Floridatag: disconnection

Teen asks to see shotgun in Florida pawn shop then kills himself with it

            23 March 2014
tag: gunstag: lake citytag: florida

Surprised scientists find deadly Florida pythons have internal GPS

            23 March 2014
tag: floridatag: evergladestag: burmese pythontag: gpstag: animal behavior

Florida Drug Ring Relied on Voodoo Priest for Strategic Advice

            22 March 2014
tag: polk countytag: floridatag: Operation Hoodoo Voodootag: polk citytag: war on drugs

Florida restaurant worker stabs boss to death for posting his picture online

            17 March 2014
tag: floridatag: Boca Raton

Man Makes ‘Cowasaki’ Motorcycle Out of Animal Bones

            14 March 2014
tag: sculpturestag: motorcyclestag: bonestag: floridatag: Orange Citytag: Ormond Beach

Loophole In Stand Your Ground Law Opens Up Legal Assassinations In Florida

            11 March 2014
tag: stand your groundtag: florida

Aircraft forced to abort takeoff after crashing into fish

            08 March 2014
tag: air safetytag: macdill air force basetag: florida

Police hid use of cell phone tracking device from judge because of nondisclosure agreement with company

            04 March 2014
tag: nondisclosure agreementstag: surveillancetag: floridatag: Tallahassee

Florida fake cop had patrol car and loaded weapon until busted by actual sheriff’s deputy

            02 March 2014
tag: floridatag: police impersonatorstag: Broward County

Florida man gets lawyer’s home after attorneys abandon him in jail, take life savings

            01 March 2014
tag: floridatag: lawyers

Man Accidentally Shoots Himself Right After Gun Safety Class

            23 February 2014
tag: gunstag: palm beachtag: florida
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