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China’s coal boom is slowing — that’s a huge deal for climate change

            18 April 2014
tag: chinatag: coaltag: energytag: climate change

China hunts polluters with drones

            24 March 2014
tag: chinatag: pollutiontag: drones

Taiwan is afraid that Chinese movies are becoming too good

            21 March 2014
tag: taiwantag: chinatag: movies

Over 95 percent of Chinese cities failed to meet government’s environmental standards

            10 March 2014
tag: chinatag: pollution

Man Had 42 Pearls Lodged In His Flesh In Alternative Medicine Gone Wrong

            01 March 2014
tag: Changshatag: hunantag: chinatag: pearls

Chinese man first to sue his government over smog

            26 February 2014
tag: chinatag: smogtag: air pollutiontag: lawsuits

U.S. Official: Beijing Preparing For ‘Short, Sharp’ War With Japan

            24 February 2014
tag: chinatag: japan

Two-thirds of wealthy Chinese plan to emigrate

            14 February 2014
tag: china

Bing caught censoring search results in US

            13 February 2014
tag: bingtag: microsofttag: censorshiptag: china

Pompeii-style volcano in China preserved treasure trove of fossilized dinosaurs

            08 February 2014
tag: chinatag: volcanoestag: archaeology

China has almost twice as many Internet users as the U.S. has people

            02 February 2014
tag: chinatag: connectivity

China’s princelings storing riches in Caribbean offshore haven

            26 January 2014
tag: chinatag: eat the richtag: British Virgin Islands

Investigation of password crackers busts site feds say hacked 6,000 accounts

            26 January 2014
tag: hackerstag: romaniatag: indiatag: chinatag: los angelestag: california

Chinese donkey meat recalled at Wal-Mart after it is found to contain fox

            03 January 2014
tag: chinatag: wal-marttag: donkeytag: foxtag: food inspectionstag: Five Spice

Chinese Spy Stole Iowa Corn Seeds: Feds

            19 December 2013
tag: chinatag: iowatag: corntag: agriculturetag: fbitag: monsanto
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