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$40-billion missile defense system proves unreliable

            17 June 2014
tag: Vandenberg Air Force Basetag: californiatag: missiles

Soda is even worse for you than you thought

            08 June 2014
tag: sodatag: mount sinai school of medicinetag: usctag: californiatag: glucosetag: fructose

Researchers are now able to erase and restore memories in rats

            06 June 2014
tag: mad sciencetag: memorytag: uctag: california

This For-Profit College Admitted a Student With a Third-Grade Reading Level

            05 June 2014
tag: NOT ncaatag: Everest Collegetag: california

We may be getting closer to predicting big earthquakes

            21 May 2014
tag: earthquakestag: UC Santa Cruztag: californiatag: seismology

Cop gives parking ticket to man installing no parking sign

            15 May 2014
tag: santa barbaratag: california

License plate reader error leads to traffic stop at gunpoint, court case

            13 May 2014
tag: lprtag: San Franciscotag: californiatag: lawsuits

U-2 spy plane flying at 60,000 triggered air traffic control shutdown

            06 May 2014
tag: u-2tag: airline safetytag: air traffic controltag: Palmdaletag: faatag: california

Navy dolphin trainer drowns in San Diego Bay

            02 May 2014
tag: san diegotag: californiatag: dolphinstag: usn

Los Angeles deputies charged with planting drugs and guns at marijuana dispensary

            02 May 2014
tag: los angelestag: californiatag: entrapment

Rat out your Airbnb-using neighbors, win cash rewards

            02 May 2014
tag: san franciscotag: californiatag: airbnb

Teenage stowaway survives flight over Pacific in jet wheel well

            24 April 2014
tag: stowawaystag: hawaiitag: california

Google’s chance of winning its patent fight with Apple just improved a lot

            20 April 2014
tag: googletag: sppletag: texastag: californiatag: patents

Grandmother Dies Trying to Escape Morgue Freezer

            14 April 2014
tag: californiatag: morguestag: Boyle Heightstag: White Memorial Medical Center

California bill would hold companies responsible for temp agencies’ wage violations

            06 April 2014
tag: californiatag: tempstag: labor
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