Tumbling Monohedron

Australia says pollution falling at Great Barrier Reef

            15 June 2014
tag: australiatag: great barrier reeftag: pollution

Mother wants answers after teenage daughter’s armpits were shaved by teacher

            04 June 2014
tag: victoriatag: australiatag: armpitstag: education

Australian Customs Seize Mummified Head

            26 May 2014

Hundreds of sheep commit suicide by cracking their heads open

            24 May 2014
tag: Darling Peatag: new south walestag: australiatag: sheep

Booby-trapped grave: fears that man planted explosives in cemetery

            21 May 2014
tag: grave dangerstag: booby-trapstag: Derrinallumtag: australia

Australian triathlete injured when ‘hacked’ drone falls from the sky, hits her on head

            09 April 2014
tag: duck!tag: dronestag: australiatag: Endure Batavia Triathlon

Drug-laden drone found ‘hovering in vicinity’ of Australian prison

            12 March 2014
tag: dronestag: australiatag: prisonstag: Metropolitan Remand Centretag: Melbourne

Rupert Murdoch’s empire receives $882m tax rebate from Australia

            18 February 2014
tag: australiatag: news corp

Researchers experiment with ESP and call it hokum

            23 January 2014
tag: exptag: university of melbournetag: australiatag: plos one

100,000 Bats Fall From Australian Sky

            11 January 2014
tag: australiatag: batstag: heat wavestag: climate change

Hundreds of radio-tagged sharks tweet warnings at Australian swimmers

            30 December 2013
tag: australiatag: water safetytag: sharkstag: transmitters

Junk Food Linked To Memory Loss

            26 December 2013
tag: junk foodtag: australiatag: University of New South Wales

Woman Checking Facebook Status Walks Off Pier

            23 December 2013
tag: slapsticktag: australiatag: tourist

David Simon: ‘There are now two Americas. My country is a horror show’

            09 December 2013
tag: david simontag: inequalitytag: marxtag: capitalismtag: the wiretag: australiatag: Festival of Dangerous Ideastag: sydney

Scientists: Vast freshwater reserves trapped beneath ocean floor could sustain future generations

            08 December 2013
tag: watertag: australiatag: Flinders Universitytag: continental shelves
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