Tumbling Monohedron

Tiny, low-cost drones may one day assassinate corrupt politicians, corporate CEOs and street criminals

            12 June 2014
tag: duck!tag: drones

Researchers strap Google’s Project Tango smartphone to a quadcopter

            26 May 2014
tag: duck!tag: dronestag: googletag: robot roll call

Australian triathlete injured when ‘hacked’ drone falls from the sky, hits her on head

            09 April 2014
tag: duck!tag: dronestag: australiatag: Endure Batavia Triathlon

Military Drone Crashes Near School

            06 April 2014
tag: DUCK!tag: dronestag: Lebanon Countytag: Pennsylvaniatag: Fort Indiantown Gap

Drones now have six American “test ranges” in which to fly

            02 January 2014
tag: dronestag: duck!tag: Virginia Techtag: University of Alaskatag: faa

Earthquake triggers giant yellow duck explosion in Taiwan

            13 November 2013
tag: DUCK!tag: taiwantag: earthquakestag: Taoyuan

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